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  1. Campfire Chat

    Doing good here in Western North Carolina. Hope you are well.
  2. Campfire Talk

  3. Campfire Talk

    Morning Falco
  4. Who's Having A Birthday

    Happy Birthday Swede.
  5. Campfire Talk

    Thanks Swede. I appreciate it. And yes I wish my whole screen name fit on one line.
  6. Campfire Talk

    Howdy SG. Hope you are well.
  7. Who's Having A Birthday

    Happy Birthday Muddy
  8. Appalachiansurvivor pics

    Thank You both.
  9. Campfire Talk

  10. The member formerly known as “David”

    Subscribed on your YouTube channel. Good stuff. Looking forward to having you around again.
  11. The member formerly known as “David”

    Welcome Back.......
  12. Campfire Talk

    Welcome back SG.
  13. Appalachiansurvivor pics

    Latest project. I am getting better. a long way from that bar I built a couple years ago.
  14. Appalachiansurvivor pics

    Shop progress A little trim and I think I can finally leave it alone.
  15. New to the site!

    No Need for alert Swede. He is my neighbor...... He was lucky enough to find this little hidden piece of paradise hidden up in these here hills. Welcome my brother. I am glad you were finally able to get signed up. Lots of good people and information here..... enjoy. King the door is always open we are definitely in the heart of it all. lots of hiking, rafting,fishing, and just enjoying life.
  16. Campfire Talk

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope the upcoming year is great for all.
  17. Campfire Talk

    Merry Christmas every one. Hope it is a great day !
  18. Campfire Talk

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all have an amazing day.
  19. Who's Having A Birthday

    Happy Birthday Kim. I hope you have a great day !!!
  20. Campfire Talk

    Prayers for everyone involved SGH.
  21. Who's Having A Birthday

    Homemade ice cream is AWESOME ! Sharon is the best.
  22. Who's Having A Birthday

    Happy Birthday Swede. hope you are having a great day!
  23. Campfire Talk

    No not yet....lol. I am still checking in. Just hadn't had any time to do anything else. I have been redoing a bathroom for a neighbor and it has been keeping me busy. Hey All !!
  24. Campfire Talk