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  1. Thank You all for the Birthday Wishes!! :thumbup:
  2. My daughter and I share the same birthday July 21. :grin:
  3. Watched it done in Maui for Kahlua pig....best pig I have ever had. When they took the leaves off all the meat was in a pile, just fell off the bones...dang now I'm hungry
  4. Hello from Maryland

    A few years back they paid everyone off to stop growing this counties famous crop "tobacco" its even on the county flag...guess they will be changing that after 350 years as well
  5. Hello from Maryland

    Not to far from home
  6. Hello from Maryland

    Thank You for the welcomes..hopefully I can get some time to look around the forum this weekend and figure it out.
  7. Hello from Maryland

    Im in Owings
  8. Hello from Maryland

    Hello from Maryland. Just another outdoor junkie who enjoys hiking, backpacking, bushcraft anything outside will do. Thanks for having me. Glenn
  9. New to the forum from Maryland

    Hi Marvin...fancy meeting you here...lol Glenn