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  1. Campfire Talk

    First day of wearing shorts up here yesterday. Even took off my T shirt to start working on the ol' tan in the 21 degree, bright and very sunny weather too. lb
  2. Had to bump this cool old revelation for any noobs that may have missed it way back then. I think this is a great thing to know. Thanks to the OP for sharing another slick way to get a fire going. Cheers dude! bg
  3. Just found this forum recently and find it covers a lot of good stuff very well. I hope to contribute a few of my observations and some tricks I've learned about, during my many years spent in the great outdoors. I've been getting more and more into old-tech stuff like fire bow use, making self bows and arrows, all from natural materials. Very rewarding stuff this. It's all very relaxing and slows me down nicely in this fast paced and busy world. See y'all on the forums. Cheers! bg
  4. Hi from Ottawa Ontario...

    Thanx again RS. I too feel that I will never go to ground again. My HH goes Everywhere now. Cool stuff OFG, so dude, what 'cha hangin' in? I swing in a Hennessy Expedition zip and I'm SO in Love. Like, my back is now fixed, for real.
  5. Hi from Ottawa Ontario...

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes folks. I'm working on a few pics to post, should be ready soon. Did I mention that I use a hammock during all of my overnight bushcraft time? So good for my semi bad back. Anyone else hang in here?