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  1. Swede cuts trails

    nice pictures swede :cool:
  2. The worst case scenario board game

    sounds like an intresting game..yet i ahev no intentions on playing it suonds boring 0_0
  3. 1-3hrs to live

    mines the same so i quoted it instead of copy and pasting the same message but the extra thing id do is pig out on all my favorite foods
  4. Age Of Empires 3

    School keeps me busy sad042.gif yea aoe 3 is like civilization but i like having wars also also try the cossacks series because thats fun also
  5. Fishing On The East Coast

    nice, last fish i caught was a bluefish that weighed 6 pounds
  6. Wow, poor turkeys

    wont let me view...
  7. Fishing On The East Coast

    here is a scuba diver that fished out the car you can see they are reeling the truck out.
  8. Age Of Empires 3

    Has anybody played age of empires 3 yet? Because when i played it i was amazed at the reality of it, I mean i learned mroe than my history class and also had more fun. Its based on you starting a colonie in a new world (hence the english people comign to the americas and Spanish) you can also get help from your home city and get sent help. I will put a picture up soon.
  9. Fishing On The East Coast

    theres got to be someone on this forum! :scared: lol ii dont have any pictures at the moment but i have a picture of a truck that sliipped on the ramp.
  10. Fishing On The East Coast

    whats the biggest fish youve ever caught there??

    lol thats funny survivor guy but what is that lol. a PUMA?
  12. South Pacific episode

    that sounds really good... anybody ate a pheasant i think i have it was good.
  13. Survivorman Season 3

    i am sure my mom would approve!She would actauly want me to go!
  14. Survivorman Season 3

    I WILL BE THE NEWBIE! happy070.gif :woot: wacky078.gif