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  1. Salt Water Fishing

    Here you guys can post pics and talk about your salt water fishing trips or even perhaps a story. Were you went fishing at the time and what you went to catch. What bait did you use on this trip and or lures? What about the rod type? explain and an have fun i will post my storys after yours. :hugegrin:
  2. hello all remeber me? if you were from the les stroud forum then you know the kid that always used to hang out there! I know most of the people from the les stroud forums like Bow,Woodsman, Takaaen By The Wind, L.O.S.T, BigBlue thats all ive seen on the forum so far but if Troopermax is on here or anybofy else then i know them :hugegrin: i will be posting my latest pictures of.....my shelters, my fires...my nights camping out.....and soon too come snow shelters!
  3. Age Of Empires 3

    Has anybody played age of empires 3 yet? Because when i played it i was amazed at the reality of it, I mean i learned mroe than my history class and also had more fun. Its based on you starting a colonie in a new world (hence the english people comign to the americas and Spanish) you can also get help from your home city and get sent help. I will put a picture up soon.
  4. Swede cuts trails

    nice pictures swede :cool:
  5. The worst case scenario board game

    sounds like an intresting game..yet i ahev no intentions on playing it suonds boring 0_0
  6. 1-3hrs to live

    mines the same so i quoted it instead of copy and pasting the same message but the extra thing id do is pig out on all my favorite foods
  7. Age Of Empires 3

    School keeps me busy sad042.gif yea aoe 3 is like civilization but i like having wars also also try the cossacks series because thats fun also
  8. I made a topic so you can give me some tips on fishing for Blues,Flounder,Striped Bass,Bait fish such as mullet,peanut bunker,bunker,killies and ways to catch them. I will also give you all my tips and pictures of fishing and bait fishing this way everybody learns something.I hope everybody posts their pictures because i would love to see all of them. love072.gif
  9. Fishing On The East Coast

    nice, last fish i caught was a bluefish that weighed 6 pounds
  10. Wow, poor turkeys

    wont let me view...
  11. Fishing On The East Coast

    here is a scuba diver that fished out the car you can see they are reeling the truck out.
  12. Fishing On The East Coast

    theres got to be someone on this forum! :scared: lol ii dont have any pictures at the moment but i have a picture of a truck that sliipped on the ramp.
  13. Fishing On The East Coast

    whats the biggest fish youve ever caught there??

    lol thats funny survivor guy but what is that lol. a PUMA?
  15. South Pacific episode

    that sounds really good... anybody ate a pheasant i think i have it was good.
  16. Survivorman Season 3

    i am sure my mom would approve!She would actauly want me to go!
  17. Survivorman Season 3

    I WILL BE THE NEWBIE! happy070.gif :woot: wacky078.gif
  18. Fishing On The East Coast

    lol i know i haven't been on in a long time but i am on know and if you want i will tell you about something ive been fishing the east coast all my life and i will be glad to help you out.
  19. Makin money

    *gets out his work boots* IM READY! * coughs "what you payin meh?"
  20. Makin money

    i want to help lol
  21. Campfire Talk

    100th post :woot:
  22. Campfire Talk

  23. Campfire Talk

    i think because...umm i dont know
  24. Campfire Talk

    Finally it snowed and theres about 1/4 an inch and its already melted.