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6-in-1 Personal Safety Device (PSD)

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I bought one of these last month at Wal-Mart, just to see if they really work.  They really DO!  8|  I had to order the cell phone adapter online and pay $6.00 for "shipping and handling" for a "free" adapter, but it is worth it to me to have the ability to recharge my cell phone in case my car battery is dead and I have no other way to charge my phone. 


This is the coolest gadget!  It has a little siren, which is not really all that loud, but can be used for an SOS if your voice is gone from screaming for help!  :hugegrin: 


It has a radio too!


It has an LED flashlight with five bulbs and can be set on flash, or with one bulb for low light or all five bulbs for a BRIGHT light!  (OMG, I accidently shined it in my eyes and I'm still seeing five black dots!  :grin:)


It has a compass in the handle.


And best of all, no batteries are needed!  :thumbsup:  It's a windup device.  30 seconds of winding gives about an hour of power.  You have to wind it up for a couple of minutes to be able to charge your cell phone up enough to make an emergency call.


I only see two problems with it.  First, it's NOT weatherproof or waterproof.  Second, it's rather heavy, right at one pound.  Other than that, it's really cool!  :thumbsup:


Here's the website for it.  Just click on "Personal Safety Devices" then "6-in-1 Personal Safety Device"





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Looks pretty cool Holly. Thanks for th elink though it's a little expensive for my taste.  Good looking product though.

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