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My gear (pics)

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I'm impressed!  You are really doing great with your gear, SK.  Keep up the good work!  :peace:

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Where is your water?  You might not be able to find any and will need to carry some. 

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And where is your CANDY?!?  Where are your Twizzlers or Sprees or Nerds or Skittles or Starburst or Werthers or any of those other very necessary candies???  OMG, I'm sorry, SK, but this is just not acceptable, young man.   :nono:

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Guest HazeyWolf

Great stuff, Kid - you've got a ton of good gear and some nice knives there.  The shovel's kinda heavy but its still handy - some folks sharpen one edge with a metal file for use as a chopper blade.  Didn't you just finish Cody Lundgrin's '98.6 Degrees'?  I like his collection of basic survival gear, especially his mora knife mini-kit.  I can't quite make out what all you've got in the little baggies, but it looks like you've got the basics covered.  I like your mini-cd signal mirror.  I'm glad to see that you are wise enough to know that you don't always need fancy store-bought stuff.  A great and fun part of learning survival skills (and all engineering sciences) is aquiring the ability to improvise with what's at hand and experimenting.  A couple cheap and simple things you might consider adding are:


-2 large (55 gal) contractor grade garbage bags to use as a rain-coat, sleeping sack, improvised tent, water container, etc.

-3 feet of surgical tubing to use as a water-straw, sling-shot, lashing, turniquet or blowing on coals for precision wood burning.

-a collapsible water container (like a Platypus, Nalgene or Dromedary that can roll-up when not in use.)

-krazy glue in your first aid kit to help close a cut or cover a bad blister that's opened up.

-spool of unwaxed dental floss for cordage.

-spare AA batteries.

-a bright colored bandana to use as a signal, basic filter, head cover, cool neck scarf, hanky, etc.

-a wool hat or watch cap.

-a small spool of thin steel wire for lashings, snare traps, fish-hooks, and as a handle for your coffee can pot - stainless steel leader line #60 test or electic fence wire are good.

-pencil, a good pen and notepad or journal.

-a couple nutrition bars.


It'd be good to know what all you have there - I can't make it all out.  I'm curious about what medical kit gear you have too.  Got benadryl, triple-antibiotic ointment, some bandage dressings, tweezers, a mild pain killer like ibuprofin?  Besides learning first aid and cpr, the quick-clot sponge or a similiar product is something I've recently included in my med packs. Its a bit expensive and does have a shelf life - I doubt I'll ever use one - but if one encountered a severe arterial wound that won't stop bleeding, then as a last resort it can save a life.  I bet AJ may have some good advice about this and other good medical components.


A survival situation is typically going to be a short-term affair, over in a couple, three days tops. A knife, large plastic garbage bag, and a lighter could serve as a minimal kit.

Muddyboots brought up some good points about emergency kits on the Hood board, citing this critical article: http://www.traditionalmountaineering.org/Faq_EmergencyKits.htm

The Hoodlums made some good observations, both postive and negative about the article.  http://survival.com/IVB/index.php?showtopic=14018

Essentially - a lot of store-bought kits are poorly configured, a well-thought out kit is usually home-made and tested. A good kit can be a life saver, but skills and knowledge are the real modus operandi of survival.


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