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Inexpensive but durable products for Emergency Preparedness or Survival Kit

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This will be a topic where we will post some inexpensive but certainly not cheaply made products to add or refine your kits or just for around the house.


Can openers:


* P38 Military Can opener - This is a little can opener that is very sturdy and is extremely cheap, it usually runs about $ 0.25 at army surplus stores.


* Wal-Mart manual can opener - This is the best store bought, manual can opener I have ever bought. It runs about $1.50, is 100% stainless steel and works very well.





* Mini Maglight 2-3 AAA L.E.D. flashlights - For around $15.00 - $20.00 this is the best small(er) flashlight that I have used. The 2-3 AAA batteries last quite a long time and the amount of light this little thing puts out is amazing.



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Guest taken by the wind...

~   Recipe for Homemade Normal Saline


Add 1/4 teaspoon of noniodized table salt to one cup of boiled water. If you use clean distilled water you don't have to boil it. Normal saline has the exact salt concentraion of body fluids. It can be used for washing out your eyes, cleaning contact lenses, irrigating your nose or sinuses. Many doctors say it's the best way to treat or ward off sinus infections...vigorous irrigation of your nose. You can squirt a whole lot of it in your nose and then blow it out. It does not burn. And it washes out bacteria that cause sinusitis.


Also, Deep wounds should be washed with normal saline only. Superficial skin wounds can be washed with soap and water, but a deep wound with exposed deeper layers of tissue should be washed and cleaned with normal saline.


Burns should be cleaned with normal saline only.


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Thanks Taken,


This solution could me made and kept in a storage bottle for when it's needed.

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