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BoB Fanny Pack

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Try to keep your fanny pack for your immediate necessities.."E" poncho/blanket, small compass, whistle, bandana, SAK, small diamond lap, ferro rod, energy bar, small water container etc... Not so much or so heavy it makes it too troublesome.

Layer your immediate assets amongst yourself (belt, pockets) and your fanny pack. Be comfortable and consistant.

Your BoB should be for longer term, as if you were going on a extended hike. I have extra clothes, especialy socks and high energy foods.

Your BoB should be a stand alone piece of equipement, ready to go, try going out on a few hikes with your BoB and see what is missing or surperflous, rotate water and rations and seasonal needs. Just because you don't use something on the first hike, you may on others. So be patient in reducing until you are sure of its value or lack of, list what you could have used and see if you can balance around those items that are needed and those that are not. Realize you can only carry so much, so be frugal in the weight versus usesage.

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I have a small fannypack PSK. It contains a SAK, water treatment tablets, lighter/mag stick, mag light, band aids, emergency blanket, couple fo trashbags, and ziplocks, and some paracord. And it has room for a couple of energy bars. It is actually more of a PSK then a BoB. The two kits really shouldn't be confused. As Bobimbob said, a BoB is really geared towards long term. While a PSK is the basics you need to survive.


A fannypack can make an excellent short term PSK. For making it thru an unexpected overnight in the woods, that type of thing. A BoB is days, weeks, or even longer away from home.


It is important not only to have the equipment, but to be sure you know how to use each item, and what role they play in your overall "survival" plan.

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