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Definitely nice.  I just put together a small setup and can't wait to use it.  Very compact and fits in a camera case.  Needed a little extra gear than what my other and older kit had.

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Heres a few facts Ive learned about fishing>


Know what species of fish your fishing for.


Learn what type of bait to use for those fish.


Learn when the best time of year or best time of day the odds are best to catch that fish.


Use the bait that the fish are eating. For instance at different times of the season the fish are eating food that is available.


Ask the locals what method they are using to catch the fish.


Watch the locals and observe what they are doing.


Fish bite best at certain barometric pressures like before or during a rain storm. Why? Food is being washed into the water during a rain.


Pre spawn or post spawn or during spawn is good for some species.


Some fish spook easily from vibrations through the ground or through the water. Being quiet will improve your chances.


Some spook easily in clear water. A fish you can see is hard to catch.


Sometimes chances are better fishing on the down wind side of a lake. Food is blown into that side of the lake and a rough surface of the water helps keep the fish from spooking. They call it jack chop up north.


All in all the most successful and simplest way is a bobber split shot sinker and medium size hook coupled with the right bait will catch more fish when all else fails. Patience is NOT the answer. If you dont catch anything in lets say fifteen minutes to a half hour than move to another spot.


thanks swede those are good questions to ask  :thumbsup:

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well I built a fishing kit that is contained in a 2x2.5 tin.

Contents include,

1 bobbin of 8 lb low memory line 60 ft

A flat bobbin of gorilla line 100 ft

# 6 hooks - 4

#8 hooks - 4

2 glo hooks size 6

a #2 trailing hook to use as a gaff hook

Assorted size splitshot, 2 swivel sinkers

floatline bobber

swedish pipple fishing lure

2 jigs

2 trout flies

and 1 exacto blade


I am in the process of making more of these kits. They arejust right for adding to your PSK or just keeping in your pocket of your coat or pants.

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