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Survival Tuition Videos

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There are a number of good survival training videos on the net and i thought it would be a good idea to have links to them on the forum so i have set up this sticky for that purpose.


If you have any links to good survival based training videos please post them here. I would like to keep this area free for only official training videos from the professionals and not videos from individuals posting videos on youtube or the like. I ask this because we want the best video resource containing recognised and accurate information. I will delete any links if feel are not relevant, suitable or misleading.


These videos are from the FAA survival training program, they are a little dated and some things have moved on a little but they are still full of useful information.


This one is Cold Land survival, a word of warning they suggest you wear cotton next to the skin in a cold environment, with modern technical clothing this way of thinking has changed and now a polypropylene base layer or merino wool is the preferred option.



Hot Land survival



Sea or Open Water survival



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Hillbilly, glad to see you posted his link. Dave has put out lots of valuable info on that  channel. Lots of info  on skills our grandparents used on a regular basis back in their day. Lot of skills that's going to be a lost art if we don't try to keep it going. There is another channels that covers a lot of his pathfinders survival scenario classes too. Here is the link.


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kw thank you for the link ill check out the videos asap looks like alot more great work from dave i would have to say hes one of the best survival instructers i have seen covering a wide range of topics

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