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Penn and Teller think we're bulls---

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Not sure if anyone watches Penn and Teller's Bulls--t. Since I don't really watch tv, I've never seen this show before, so I didn't know what to expect.  Now, although I agreed with alot of what they were de-hyping, I have to say that most of their arguements where contradictory and often incomplete. Likely it was just to get ratings by being completely off the wall. 


Anyway, this was the first episode I caught. It's about the 'end of the world' and features alot of survivalists. You know...the types that usually make us look like gun toting, facist nutcases.  Anyway, thought you'd find it interesting to see.  Post what you think.




BTW there's some language in it, so it's NSFW, but generally it's just bulls--t

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Im sorry I got bored with their nonsense. Ask the people in China if their world just came to an end or the people of Yangon. They talk of the end of the earth but earth will remain. Mankind will in fact meet his end sooner or later but we see peoples worlds crumble routinely .  New Orleans is a lost world to thousands.


Survivalists like Moses who led the masses from the wilderness might someday have to lead them back.The ones who arent prepared will see their world end.

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Guest given to the sea...

~ They're pretty funny! LOL! And a lot of what they said made sense, but some of what they said was just as stupid as the people they were dissing.


Key phrases like "Terrified of Tomorrow" and " Sky is Falling hysteria" kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In my experience, the people who are interested in Survival skills (on average) do NOT have anything near a "Terrified of tomorrow" attitude, nor do they possess a "Sky is falling hysteria". :smoke:


So that makes me think that Penn and Teller kind of "speculated" about the whole survivor mentality based on one silly show they happened to spotlight.


I think folks who are interested in survival skills have one basic thing in common, that sets them apart from folks like Penn and Teller, and the rest of the world. We are NOT doomsday preachers... (but we're all interested in those topics) nor are we paranoid about the "World" ending... :thumbdown: (but we enjoy learning about nature and Science, and how it relates to our situation.)


I think that we totally understand that "The End of The World" only applies to OUR kind..... happy061.gif

THAT'S what those folks do NOT get. :nono: This planet isn't going anywhere.... WE ARE.


We look at things on a broader range... a child is concerned about today, a teenager is concerned about right now! An Adult is concerned about tomorrow...


When you're a "survivor" .... you concern yourself with all of that PLUS some. Only... you don't lose sleep over it. (Because THEN it would be interferring with your survival.) cool14.gif


It takes a special mind-set to survive sh*t. You cannot "Care" too much... You cannot be too "Preoccupied" with EVERYTHING! scared011.gif (Those idiots won't last a month.) :thumbdown:


But on the flip-side, you cannot be living in a dream where some God in the sky is gonna come down and sweep us off to his Holiday INN Express in the clouds before the Sh*t hits the fan... :whistle:


You cannot just toss up your hands and say "What the F. do I care what happens to the Planet? I'm gonna be in the clouds with my saviour." :glare: yeah, you and Cinderella and Snow White, and all those other Be-otches.... :thumbdown: I live in the MIDST of that mentality. I makes me mad, because I feel like it is irresponsible, and arrogant.


I think that Organized Religion (As Well as Political parties) have tried to Cash in on the Doomsday thing, in attempt to sway people's votes (yes they work in conjunction with political parties.) I believe that organized religion totally controls the minds of many many people in this country. :glare:


And I think that if and when people quit thinking for themselves (in this day and time) When they start listening to all of these voices on T.V. and on the internet, and if they choose to ignore their "Own" voice... it doesn't matter what kind of skills they have, they are already doomed.


That's just my take on it.


(as a survivor.) cool14.gif


(sidebar) .... I really don't think political parties and religion work together to sway votes (because I don't believe votes are even counted, or that they matter, or that they are even meaningful anymore. I think if they want Ricky Wayne in the white house, by golly, Ricky's gonna be in the whitehouse. No matter what we think. (Or vote.) The world's a stage....  and we are not the Stars.  Nor are we even the supporting actors...


we're just the stage hands. We're so preoccupied with pleasing the director, that we can never sit back and actuallly understand the plot.












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Tha's exactly what I was thinking given.  They did get some of it, but then, if you check all the false answers on a true or false test, you're going to get some of it right.


You made me think of another documentary that I'd watched. It was another end of the world and about the rapture, how thousands of people would just up and dissappear one day.  The funny thing is that it's all based on one line in the bible that vaguely suggests something, tho it could be interpreted half a dozen ways. I'll post a link to it if I can find it again.

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