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Guyot Designs Water Bottle review

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Guyot Design's Standard Stainless steel water bottle

Article By Joe Flowers


There are times when I’ve looked at all my cooking camping gear, and gone, OK Joe, how the heck did you end up with all this . I have so many pots and pans that that I have purchased, and  people have given me. All work very well for what their function is for. However, its always been hard for me to pack a large or even small pot when all I really want to do is boil water and mix it in something else, like a bag of oatmeal or a cup.


I like to solo-camp. In my normal swing of things, I, like many others, have adapted the use of a popular nalgene bottle. It has become one of the key components for outdoorsman due to the rugged nature of the bottle.  This bottle has rolled  into mainstream society as a fad,  many perfume drenched girls in college classes toting their neon colored bottles along with their north face jackets, both outdoor-designed products never seeing the light of day except to walk from class to class or a party. But that’s a different rant for a different day.

I have adapted standard lexan nalgene coupled with a GSI mug cup as my cook gear of choice. The main reason, is that there is fast becoming a lot of gear designed around it.  Keep in mind, its all about choice. I am able to use the stainless mug cup to heat up my drinks and whatever other water I may need to boil (love them Idahoan mashed taters!) .  Most of the time I just put the boiling water directly into my meal bag and eat from there. Then I just throw the bag into the fire. No mess. Many times, I also use the coffee can pot as my main pot, de-evolving from  wanting those more expensive titanium cups all the way to good ol grocery recycling. Sure, you can be parsimonious and find a coffee can coupled with a Gatorade bottle, and more power to you! This blurb is about the metal guyot water bottle though, not dumpster diving for camping gear (I just picked up a trekking pole last Monday in the REI dumpster!).





guyot bottle next to a normal nalgene bottle




Whilst on the last backpacking trip, my buddy and knife forums member Joseph, sjdm4211, and I were talking about stainless items on the market. Amongst our discussion, he informed me that guyot designs had some single wall bottles, one of which reflected the shape and size of a nalgene. Glorious! I was engrossed with the idea of a bomb proof nalgene.  Upon returning from the trip and some discussion on various forums, I learned that  the wonderful people at two wolves outdoors were selling them for a great price. Lisa, from two wolves outdoors, communicated with me, and within a few days I had a wonderful new box of goodies to play with.





Guyot designs has many shapes and sizes of this single walled bottle:


I chose to go with the standard.


Material-  18/10 surgical grade stainless steel

Weight- 12.9oz/365 grams

Capacity: 38 oz/ 1124 ml

Diameter: 63 mm



So a few of you might think it looks fancy, but will it fit all your nalgene stuff. Yes!  My guyot splash guard fit it just fine.  Also, my trusty GSI mug cup fit it.  My lovely mug cup is the older version. We tried bootlegger’s newer version and it just barely fit.


Bootlegger had the newer model, and it didn’t fit quite well like the older one did.









The lid boasts an interesting design. I’m kinda partial to my nalgene lids, and they will fit this too. “The Lid” as guyot calls it, is water tight and holds up well, with a small silicone ring inside the inner rim. The lid retention mechanism is kinda interesting. It utilizes a small allen wrench so you can adjust the tightness. A knot would work fine, but this design is also growing on me, I keep it just tight enough to take off so I can remove the lid before I put it in the fire.




Close up of rope tightener.



Inside of lid



It will accept a standard water bottle lid.


Cooking on a fire. I contacted Lisa Guyot, and inquired about the use of the bottle in a fire. She said that since it is single walled, it should do just fine. Fine indeed, it did great! I put it directly into the fire, as pictured, both on the outside, and straight into the coals. The strong design and heavy steel didn’t warp at all. Just as long as you have some kind of pliers, multi tool, or other item to grip it and prevent yourself from getting burned.  It will get blackened with use. You can choose to either leave it or scrub it off with a 3M pad. I’m kinda partial to leaving it. I normally have a back that I put the bottle in after use, so I don’t get pine resin all over my other gear. I do scrub it if it gets real bad. I don’t want it to impede my mug cup should I choose to tote that along.










There is a gracious rim around the top of the bottle that has the word modify written all over it. You might take a small drill and drill holes for a wire on either side. I think I’m going to take light weigh steel cable and fasten a loop around it so I can dangle it over a fire.





In conclusion, this is a very fancy bottle that opens up a world of possibilities for fellow gear nuts and out door enthusiasts. At $17 from two wolves outdoors, this is a welcome addition to any minimalist’s backpack. The guyot designs bottle system fits the bill for combining a water container and something to boil in. Couple this with a squishy bowl from the same company, or  an orikaso folding cup, and you can have your coffee mug, plates, and everything else all in a  very compact setup that leaves you plenty of space in your pack!










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