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What gear are you interested in?

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An online shop is going to appear around soon and I need to know what products you usally buy.


I have:

- folded knives

- multitools

- backpacks

- tents



Add to the list.  8)

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Canvas tarps

Wool clothing (jackets, pants, sweaters, hats, etc.)

Leather and leather working supplies

Smartwool socks

High quality moccasins, mukluks, and mittens




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hydro packs

childerns sized equipement




Cold weather gear

Bug Out Vehicle hardware

      On top racks

      Off road utility trails

      inside storage


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The items that you would carry in your pack, as well as the smaller items that you might hang around your neck and place into your pockets for an outing, would definitely be a great start.


But along with those items that have been listed here already:


Small ultralite weight tarps like are used as footprints for tents, are excellent to have along.  I keep one with me on day hikes, as well as backpacking trips.  They weight a few ounces and are usually large enough to sleep on if necessary.


Firestarting tools like the BSA Hotspark and Sparklite are inexpensive and have been field tested in all types of weather.


Packages of the Spark-lite tinder (10 per package) are very inexpensive and are about the best tinder that I've used in wet weather when you absolutely need fire


Another extreme weather firestarting tinder is Pitchwitch.


Cordage, in alll it's forms, is usually inexpensive to buy and something that everyone needs in their gear.  Personally, I carry 7 strand 550# parachute shroud line, 12# spyderwire fishing line and Jute 4ply untreated twine.


Water purification tablets/powders aren't something that is readily needed by everyone often, but they are good to have on hand.  I have pretty much stayed with the Katadyn micropur MP1 tablets.  A bit more money than the iodine tablets, but they kill everything in the water and that's exactly what chemical treatment is supposed to do, but many times doesn't.


The run of the mill bandana has it's uses, but a silk bandana is far and away the best, that you can carry with you.  It's filtering qualities (air and water), larger size and toughness are much better than cotton, or any of the synthetics.


Belt pouches of knife and compass size, can be used for a multitude of different purposes.


Shoulder bags definitely have a place I think.



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