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Your Survival/Outdoor Books

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My List-The Reason I have so many is because I go to a lot of thrift stores, Half Priced Book stores, ect.  I get most of these for very cheap, so I can't resist.



-06’ to 08’ Field and Stream

-06’ to 08’ Outdoor Life

-Outdoor Life “Complete Book of Hunting” by Clyde Ormond

-Outdoor Life “Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns” by Jack O’Connor

-Outdoor Life “Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing” by P. Allen Parsons

- “The Fundamentals of Fishing and Hunting” by Bryon Dalrymple



Field Guides

-National Audubon Society Pocket Guide “Familiar Mammals of North America”

-“Today’s Wildlife Field Identification Guide” (Little Pamphlet)

-Peterson Field Guide of Animal Tracks

-A Golden Guide to Rocks and Minerals

-“Edible Wild Plants of North America” By Thomas Elias and Peter Dykerman

-The Wordsworth Guide to Edible Plants and Animals, By A.D. and Helen Livingston

-Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants (Eastern/Central North America)

-The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees (Eastern Region)

-“20 Native Trees to Plant” (Pamphlet)

-“Tree Finder” (Small Pamphlet”

-A Golden Nature Guide to Trees

-“A Pocket Guide to Trees” By Jenny Linford (Will NOT fit in your pocket, its 8X5 or so)

-Botanica’s Guide to Trees and Shrubs (Big book)

-Readers Digest “North American Wildlife” (Has plants, animals, ect ect)

-The Audubon Society Guide to North American Weather




-“Backcountry Camping” By Bill Riviere

-A Falcon Guide to Hiking Iowa

-“Backpacking one Step at a Time” By Harvey Manning

-“Roughing it Easy” By Dian Thomas

-“The Complete Backpacker” By Jerry Hertz

-“Simple Tent Camping” By Zora and David Aiken

-A Practical Manual to Camping, Hiking, & Wilderness Techniques, By Peter G. Drake (Very large, informative book)

-“Backpacking” By R.C. Rethmel



General Outdoor/Wilderness

-Sports Afield guide to Outdoor Skills (Tons of good Tips)

-2 Issues of Backwoodsman

-“Outdoorsman’s Handbook” By Clyde Ormond



Nuclear War Prepardness

-“Living Terrors” By Michael T. Osterholm and John Schwarts

-“What about the Russians and Nuclear Was?”

-“Family Emergency Plan” (Pamphlet given out during the cold war, it was my grandmas)



Reference/Preparation/How to

-“The Leather Craft Book” By Pat Hills

-“Back to Basics”

-The American Red Cross “Standard First Aid”

-“The Art of Blacksmithing” By Alex W. Bealer

-“The Old Farmers 2008 Almanac”

-“Mountain man Crafts and Skills” By David Montgomery

-“Making the Best of Basics, Family Preparedness Handbook” By James T. Stevens

-“Plans for Farm Buildings and Equipment”




-“Tom Browns Survival Guides” By Tom Brown Jr.

-“A Manual of Basic Survival Techniques” By Stan Hamper

-“98.6 Degrees, the Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive” By Cody Lundin

-“US Army Survival Manual”

-“Complete Book of Outdoor Lore” By Clyde Ormond

-“The Book of Survival” By Anthony Greenbank

-“The Art of Survival” By Cord Christian Trobst

-“101 Survival Tips”

-“How to Stay Alive in the Woods” By Bradford Angier

-“Outdoor Survival Skills” By Larry Dean Olsen

-“How to Survive Anything Anywhere” By Chris McNab (Big, thick, full of info)

-“United States Air Force S&R Survival Training” (Huge book, tons of info, not my fave, but still good

-“Ultimate Survival” “Very good book, step by step directions, very big”

-“The Complete Wilderness Training Book” By Hugh McManners

-“The Encyclopedia of Outdoor Survival, based on SAS Training” (Big and full of good info)




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I have the following books on hand,

Bushcraft- by Mors Kochanski

Bushcraft- by Richard Graves

SAS Survival Guide- by Collins Gem (Pocket book)

Emergency Survival- by Christopher Van Tilburg, MD (pocket book)

Survival in the Outdoors-by Byron Dalrymple (outdoor life books)

Complete Book of Outdoor Lore-by Clyde Ormond ( outdoor life books)

ST31-91B US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook

Foxfire 3

US Army Survival Manual

Tom Brown's Field Guide's-  Wilderness Survival, Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants, Living With the Earth, Tom Brown's Field Guide -  City and Suburban Survival

Surviving A Disaster by Tony Nester

Back to Basics

Practical Outdoor Survival- Len Mc Dougall

Cedar by Hilary Stewart and Indian Fishing by the same author

Boy Scout Handbook, Boy Scout field Guide

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One book that I have that has some real good info in it is a Rangers Handbook the US army Issues. Its perfect size to carry in your PSK.  It covers  a little bit of everything from firebuilding, trapping, shelter making, etc. 

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So far I have the following:



Boyscout Handbook (one of my few regrets is never finishing scouts, oh well life goes on)

FM21-76 Army Survival Manual

Air Force Search & Rescue Survival Training

SAS Survival Guide by John "Lofty" Wiseman

The Outdoor Survival Handbook by Raymond Mears

Wilderness Survival: Living off the Land With the Clothes on Your Back and the Knife on Your Belt by Mark Elbroch and Mike Pewtherer (tips and journal of when the two authors lived a summer in the wild, great read)


Field Guides:

Edible Plants (Pocket Tutor Guide) Waterford Press    (In my pack)

Medicinal Plants (Pocket Tutor Guide) Waterford Press  (In my pack)



Archery: Steps to Success

Rock Climbing: Mastering the Basics

Mammal Tracks & Sign by Mark Elbroch (tons of info, great book)

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour

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Also have - How To Survive Anywhere by Christopher Nygeres


Highly reccommended by others in the community of survival/preparedness

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Kim: it's not too bad, I wish the photos were a little more detailed/maybe color, but it's pretty good.


Here is a link to it on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Survival-Handbook-Resources-Navigation/dp/0312093594/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1224885680&sr=1-1


You can view the cotents, first few pages, and the index by clicking on the link "search inside this book" that is under the main picture on the top left corner of the page.


I see it as a pretty good intro book.  It covers a lot of topics, but does not go really deep into any one topic.  Not bad for the $10.85 haha

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Camping and Wilderness Survival by Paul Tawrell - this is the book I read the most. It has a bit of everything. It's over 1000 pages though


Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking

U.S Army Edible Plants

FM21-76 Army Survival Manual

SAS Survival Guide by John "Lofty" Wiseman

The Outdoor Survival Handbook by Raymond Mears




Wildlife Photography by Laurie Excell - since I am a nature photographer, I mix survival skills with photography. This book in my opinion does a good job of mixing photography with the outdoors.

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