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Mysteries of survival

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Great video find. It's national geographic's 'mysteries of survival'.


Here's the info;

"It is a mystery that scientists are determined to solve. Why do some people survive exposure, predators, starvation and trauma, while others succumb? We explore the incredible and dramatic real life mysteries of three people struggling to survive against all odds."


Great watch. Three people in three different scenario's try and survive, but only one dies.  What did he do wrong?  What did the others do right?


The vid is in veoh, so you only see a 5 min preview with the link.  Click on 'watch in veoh player', and it should take you to the download and install screen if you don't already have it.  It's a safe program, so enjoy the show.





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~ WOW!  That looks really interesting. Three dudes, in different scenarios... :bounce:


one lost in the desert 


one lost in the Adirondacks


one lost in the snow while skiing.


Thanks for the link!   :thumbsup:  I can't wait to watch it.

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I know who dies!!  I know who dies!! :bounce:  :woot:

Dave Dave show a little remorse for the dead guy.  :hugegrin:

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