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Scored a good Hydrastorm pack at Blackhawk...

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About 2 weeks ago Blackhawk had a sale on their Tubine 100oz. packs. I got one in OD Green for $20.99!! Normally it sells for $59.99.  They are still on sale here http://www.blackhawk.com/product1.asp?P=65TU00&C=C2010 , but only Woodland is at the discounted price.  Heck the bladders cost like $30 alone i think.  I got 2, one for me, and one for my dad. It finally got here today.



Here is a shot of mine.



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As far as taste goes, it is WAY better than my Camelbak.  I always had a funny taste with it, but no taste at all with this.  The valve took a little getting used to, and will take a little more getting used to, haha, but i think it will work out well.  All in all, i think it was well worth the 20 bucks i spent on it.  I love the quick disconnect for the hose form the bladder. It is so muc easier than the old method of forcing the hose on and off.


Still have not carried it, I was just checking out the function of it.  I should hopefully get in a short hike in the next week and ill let ya know how it carries.

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