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Made a Paracord Sling (primitive style)...

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I ate about 10 homemade organic chocolate chip cookies last night when i finished working at about 8 o'clock.  Well, needless to say, the sugar kicked in right when I wanted to go to sleep, haha.  I felt like this  taunt12.gif  scared011.gif Anyway, I found an article on making a sling on wilderness wiki here, http://funditor.110mb.com/wiki/index.php/Making_a_Woven_Sling ; and then a slinging website here, http://slinging.org/ .  So, since sleep wouldn't come to me, I decided to get the lengths of cord ready for the morning. Well one thing led to another and I finished making it about 1:30 this morning hahaha.  I will probably end up redoing it because the knots are not as tight as i would like in a couple of places, but here is a shot of it.  I cannot wait to try it out.





Thanks for looking

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