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How To Catch Northern Pike

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Here I will show how I catch pike. Others have their own methods but this one works for me.


First lets pick a fishing rod>


You will need a moderate to heavy rod. Look for an at least six foot to seven foot bait casting rod with multiple guides down the length of the rod. The more guides the better. This distributes the load down the back bone of the rod. All the information will be printed near the base of the pole.



Multiple guides>





There are three basic types of fishing reels. Open face, casting, bait casting. Its all a matter of preference. I prefer the Zebco 808 or 888 but they do have some draw backs. Over time the Zebcos twist the line because it winds the string onto the spool but I have used them for years. Plus they do not cast the heavier monofilament line as well.



Theres the open face reels. If you get used to them they cast very well and have a very fast retrieve that works well with pike. You cant wind fast enough that a pike cant catch up to it. In fact they will strike a fast moving lure a lot harder than a slow one. Some anglers in fact troll mostly for pike.Again check to see the ability of the reel to handle 17 to 30 pound line.



Bait casting is somewhat new taken from the old style but much improved>



Fishing line>


Mostly I use monofilament 20 pound test. I can get by with 17 lb. Trilene but I prefer 20. Thirty pound test doesnt cast well.I have not found any manufacturer that has a bad product. There are different colors I prefer white. Some prefer fire line.






My main preference is a No. 4 or No. 5 Mepps silver blade white buck tail. Pike prefer different lures on different days. Spoons and crank baits work at time.







You will need a steel leader with any lure. The nasty teeth on pike will cut your line. I prefer a 10 inch 30 LB. leader but a leader to match your line size works OK.


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Pike when feeding will bite on most anything. The record Northern Pike caught in Manitoba wasnt even hooked. He grabbed a walleye that was being reeled in and wouldnt let go even when reeled to the boat. The angler simply dipped him up with the walleye in his mouth.


Casting or trolling is a matter of preference I prefer casting. Pike can be caught any where in the lake. The best and most productive is weed beds and rock points. Remember no matter what your fishing for you need to learn where the bait fish are. In short your fishing for feeding fish and they will be"feeding" where the food is.


In clear water lakes ten foot depths and below will hold pike better. In the spring months pike can be found in very shallow bays because they spawn in shallow water. I have caught large pike in one foot depths. You need to be quiet in this case because the pike will spook out easily.


Trolling off rock points work well depending on the number of anglers in your boat. Four lines trailing behind the boat can cause a nasty tangle if your not careful. Rapala crank baits work well with trolling. Use the shallow running baits. Crank baits will tell on the package if their deep diving or shallow running.


The best and most productive time of the year for both pike and walleyes is right after ice out in Northern Canada. I place walleye fisher men along with duck hunters and bowlers. They simply go nuts when the fishing is best. They get blood in their eyes for some reason.  :nono:

and Im not a fan of competion fishing so I prefer late summer to early fall. Its less crowded and the bugs aren't as bad.


Walleyes go into the rivers in the fall. They pile up at the base of rapids for the winter. Where I go they shut off fishing in the rivers in October till spring because the anglers will clean them out quickly.


Ill post walleye fishing next.

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I prefer feeder mice for bass and pike fishing. I hook a 30 pound steel leader to a treble hook and secure it to the mouse w/ a rubber band. Then I toss him out where the pike are likely to be. They nail it so hard it is scary. I have also used with success baby ducks rigged the same way for pike and Muskie. I have also used a ferret harness rigged with a treble hook on baby rabbits when I was younger. Worked well but seems awful bloodthirsty after I became a father of an animal lover. I stick with feeder mice and rats now. For some reason the color white drives them nuts.

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Muskellunge or muskie are the fish of a thousand casts. These will work but they prefer large crank baits jerked sharply.


How to Catch the King


Why do some anglers only fish for muskellunge? Because having a muskellunge on the other end of the line is like having a tiger by the tail. The muskellunge will confound the angler with its aerial acrobatics, one moment leaping completely out of the water to shake the hook; the next lying still on the bottom like an unyielding snag. These famous fighters have been known to drag the line underneath the boat and wrap it around the nearest submerged tree stump. They will crack rods, strip reels, bend hooks, mutilate the bait and do whatever else they can to escape. Hooking a muskellunge is a first class fresh-water thrill no angler will ever forget.


The natural home for the muskie is in the northern lakes and rivers. It is a solitary fish and lurks in weed beds, shady shoreline waters with overhanging trees, or other protective cover. Anglers usually have the best luck fishing during the daytime. Large plugs, spoons, and bucktails that have "action" are the best artificial baits. A live fish bait 10-12 inches long is also good. Have a camera and a large landing net ready when you catch that big one!

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I fish for muskie every spring in the Grasse river below the town of Madrid, NY. They will hit on monster Rapala's, Swedish spoons, and an occasional large shad rap. However, I have the best luck with live bait that thrashes as it swims. Muskellunge are such an agressive fish that the action of the live bait drives them nuts, I have had them knock the bait 3 feet out of the water in their haste to strike.

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i regularly fish for pike here,allways relesase them though.i like to use my own hand carved plugs:







we use a lot of dead baits too ,i prefer a half mackerelledgered in the reeds,or a small silver fish live,floated under a nice drifter float.

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Here are a couple of northern pike caught in canada







By the way........these are my two sons...... :thumbup:

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