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Topographic Maps

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Since topo maps are a fundamental part of surviving in an area, I thought this deserved a topic of its own.


If you go to: http://nationalmap.gov/


and click on "Go To Viewer"


There's a whole host of info you can pull out of this thing, but what I did was turn off all the other stuff, and turn on:



USGS Raster Graphics (Topo Maps)


You can get and print a topo map of what seems like everywhere. It does have a help section on the main site, but of course I didn't read that. I found that if you click on those little black arrows to the right of the map, they open up to show a bunch of different possible things the viewer can show, everything from where killer bees are to hard core geological maps.

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That is a great site. By any chance, does anyone know of a canadian site equivalent? I tried finding one, but came up dry.

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