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Different Kits

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Been thinking about gear again and came up with these sets of gear, are all of these necissary? What should be in them?


EDC-What you carry in your pockets daily, I have a phone, Ipod, wallet, small light, and a necklace at school. Anywhere beside school I have my CRKT M16, and a lighter also.


Anything else needed?


Daypack-This is for day hikes, or maybe even trips around town, depends on how "gray" you make it. Just a fanny pack, or small backpack with some survival gear, and a few little comforts.


Backpacking/Overnight bag. More gear for comfort, food, ect. Not completely sure on what to use for this bag, or what all needs to be included.


BoB/Car kit-Most likely a backpack, filled with gear meant to keep you alive and comfortable for 72 hours, I'm not real clear on this either with what needs to be included.  Should BoB and Car kit be seperate?


I guess what I am looking for here is jsut sme suggestions, and input.

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I always thought of my car kit and BOB as separate items.  My car kit is really just a large survival kit with emergency rations.  My BOB is a bit larger (a large daypack) with extra clothes, food, and tools.  My EDC pocket stuff isn't nearly as complete as a real survival kit, but I could make out with it for a couple of days or longer if necessary.

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OK, this is my take on it.  Everything layers.  EDC layers with PSK, which layers with Hiking gear, or overnight gear, or BOB, which layers with my vehicle kit.


My EDC is what I carry on a daily basis.  Bare minimum stuff like a pocket knife, bandana, cell phone, Gerber mini multitool, lighter, G2 gel pen and a belt carried Victorinox German army issue Trekker SAK.  I also carry a match tube w/compass lid and inside is a small food gathering kit and sewing kit.


When I go hiking, I add a water bottle, my PSK which is a Doug Ritter AMK pocket survival kit and an AMF pocket medic kit and both AMK pocket kits layer into all other kits except backpacking gear.  Both ride in pockets and the water bottle on my hip.  Oh, I also usually have a hiking staff with me, especially on longer hikes.


When roving with the bow, which I havn't done in some time because of shoulder pain and new country ordinances, I have a buttpack that I wear, so that I can also wear a back quiver.  It adds shelter, more cordage, a stove, fuel, TP, additional water purification items, bandana, flashlight, ss cup that I lash to outside of pack along with a Mora 760 knife and there are a few other small pieces of gear, as well as coffee singles and a packet of hot chocolate.


When there is incliment weather, or there is a possibility that I'll spend the night, I replace the buttpack with a rucksack that combines those same items in the buttpack with rain gear/coat, rope, USGI poncho, food, and AMK Bivy sack.


My Backpacking gear is a completely separarte entity from the other gear.  I even have separate PSK and other gear that I stashed in my backpack.


My BOB is similar to my backpacking gear, except that it is more military issue gear, different knives, axe, etc.  It stands alone like the backpacking gear, but also layers with my PSK and integrates into my vehicle kits gear.


My vehicle kit is mostly parts for the truck, tools, water and food, but does have a tarp and USGI wool blanket, as well as a small pack that I call my GHB (get home bag), which like my overnight bag, has mostly shelter, knife, water purification, etc.


I suppose that I could use the same gear, for all situations, but I enjoy messing with the gear and creating new kits, but it's also that I'm forgetful at times, so in an emergency, I don't have to worry about being without gear, no matter where I am, or what I'm doing and I don't have to think about it much.

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