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Backpacking Stove Choices

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I'm looking for a relatively (Under $100?) cheap backpacking stove. Heres what I think it should include:


-Easy to use

-Meant for a beginner

-Pref. under 1 lb.

-Flame control dial (like on a latge camp stove or a home range)

-Uses an easy-to-find fuel



If anyone could help me I would appreciate it....


Make a small hobo stove yourself, that's what I'm working on. If you use heavy enough parts they last a long time, will work fine using solid fuel bars like trioxane or hexamine and will work just fine using only wood or likely even cow pies in a pinch....if you have enough walnuts, pecans, or brazil nuts they would work too. Just a thought.

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I am with Shrek on this..... for extreme cold, Naptha and multifuel rigs outperform the rest. For mild weather there are more options available.... but if the temps drop below zero in your neck of the woods... multifuel is the way to go.



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I've never tried one of the small alcohol stoves, but have read that Heet is as good as any fuel you can carry.  Havn't read any negatives on it, but I didn't research it either. 

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First thought, thats just a pop can stove that SK keeps talking about. Then I looked closer and realized it may be more than that if its as durable as it says it is. However, if I practiced those pop can stoves as much as SK does I would probably just use the pop cans. All I really am going to do with a stove is boil water. However, if I did not practice with pop cans as much, and would rather just fork over the dough, which I like to do, then I would definitely buy that stove. I already have a MSR multi-fuel stove, why not!  doh.gif

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Guest smallgamehunter

i use hexamine tabs in my esbit stove with some sucess

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Here is how to make simple can stove.  BE CAREFUL!!!!  I am not responsible if you do something stupid with this.


The things you'll need to make this is:

-large book, 1 1/2 inches tall or so




-2 Pop Cans


-Fuel (Denatured Alcohol, HEET in the Yellow Bottle, Rubbing Alcohol) DO NOT USE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OR ANY TYPE OF GAS!

-Fiberglass Gasketing (Optional)

-Epoxy/ JB Weld (Optional)



First step is to place the razor blade inside the book at the desired height, then put the can next to it, and rotate the can 4-5 times, scoring a line on the can.  Then poke a hole into that line and slowly push the can, it should split at that line.  You can also just cut it with scissors.




Make one slightly taller than the other.




Then crimp the smaller one with your multi-tool like so-




Then fit the smaller one into the larger one.  Then poke 5 fill holes in the middle of your top can, the one you crimped.  Also poke 8 jet holes around the edges.




You then can put a roll of fiberglass gasketing on the side as a wick, or you can just use a peice of alluminum foil.




Now comes fueling and lighting.  Poor some of your fuel into the middle into the fill holes, maybe and ounce or so, you don't need much.  Then put a penny over top of the fill holes in the middle.


Next depending on whether or not you used a wick here is what you do-


With a wick: Poor a little fuel on the wick all around and light it.  This will heat up the stove and pressurize it, leading to your cooking jets.


Without a wick: BE CAREFUL!!!  Put a peice of tin foil underneath the stove.  Poor some fuel next to the stove and onto the top of the stove.  Light it all.  This will then pressurize the stove and get you your cooking jets.







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