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The Versatile Brazil Nut; a natural improvised candle, and firecrafting material

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Well..., I bought some in-shell bulk mixed nuts. Brazil nuts burn right out of the shell and so do Pecans, and English Walnuts...though the Almonds didn't catch easily and went out quickly. Sorry no pics yet but it's the right time of year if you want to see for yourself pic up some in the produce dept of your local grocers. I think to do have to dry a bit as these have before being sold but this gives me hope for the acorns and hickory nuts...there are about 40 lbs of hickory nuts I need to pick up at my inlaws, lol, I'll try some of those after they cure out a bit.

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Well...........I cant stand the thought of burning my Brazil Nuts..... 8| I like eating them too well.... :rofl: Hurry and try those acorns to see how they burn....then I will start using them in my fires... 2836vgp3.gif

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Well....so far no luck with other nuts working this well but....


Last night I did a little experiment.


This is a store brand can of mixed nuts from a local grocery store...cheaper than the name brand but tastes about the same to me. It does list in it's ingredients; Peanut and/or Canola and/or Cottonseed Oil.







These are the materials I chose to experiment with. I bent two paper clips into little stands, and using the lifeboat matches I am evaluating I tried to light them. I knew that Brazil nuts will burn like candles so I wanted to see if they will light like candles. I will say here that if the intention is to use these as "candles" they should be placed on a more suitable surface for burning such as a saucer, plate, metal pie pan, or maybe even some aluminum foil. I have yet to see how they do when burned completely out except when starting fires with them.





The lifeboat matches I have lit so far from this bottle have all flared for at least ten seconds. However,as a note on these matches, while they will light and and flare very hot and very brightly even in a wind they will not ignite the the stem in a breeze but they will ignite the stem when out of the wind. I've yet to test their other claim on immersion.








The Brazil nuts will not light in this position with a match, perhaps with a lighter but it would use up a lot of fuel. They have to be turned on there side nearly upside down to light well.





and as this photo shows they need to get going good before being turned upright in order to burn continuously.





But if you let them get started good before turning them upright they will burn well and actually burn quite brightly with a larger flame than most candles albeit a somewhat orange flame.





I have yet to see just how long they will burn as they do put off a little smoke, and my wife finds the smell annoying lol. I'll burn some all the way down while she is gone :D

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Had to bump this cool old revelation for any noobs that may have missed it way back then. :) I think this is a great thing to know. Thanks to the OP for sharing another slick way to get a fire going. Cheers dude!



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Pert near any oil will burn that includes nuts and seeds, the higher the oil content the better it will burn. I always carry a candle stub for hard to light wet and  frozen wood.

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