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How To Debone Northern Pike

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This is a big Northern Pike>



Dean Tait cutting the fillet>





Fillet outside>



Fillet inside>



Cut the fillet in pieces like this>



The knife point shows the line of "Y" bones the white dots>



Slice the top off like this. You can see the lines of the bones in the main piece. The piece cut off is good. You will "feel" with the knife the underlying bones as you slice the piece off.>



Than slice off the bones by starting at the center line of the fillet and dont cut completely through. Here I got a little deep. The piece you cut off is full of bones. Toss it away>



The knife point shows the line of bones you want to cut out. One cut in front of that line one behind that line>



Fillet knife is a J.A.Henckels Twin signature. Best fillet knife I have.

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Cool Swede i wish we had pike here I'd love to catch one , i can't fillet all that good though . That's a nice cleaning table you got there .

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Yummy!  Swede, you really are good at cleaning fish. :yes:  My dad is good at filleting fish also.  I've tried it, but I could choke a horse on all the bones I left in the fish. :grin:

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Ive seen this guys way of deboning northerns before. The one he does is a rather small one but thats not to say too small as their good eating. If you have larger ones to debone you may as well use our method because your going to have to cut them in smaller pieces any way. As you can see he has problems himself and you have to use the point of your fillet knife and the possibility to miss bones is much easier.


Ive had one of those "Y" bones caught in my throat for three days once and I finally had to go in after it with flash light and tongs and LOTS of gagging.

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