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150 year old victorian bushcraft knife.......

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well to be honest the blade was from a 150 year old carving knife,i baught it for about 20p from the dump a year ago ,and here its sat since with me wondering what to do with it. so this morning i set about turning it into a usefull piece.




the steel is of a realy nice quality with a little surface pitting but hey the guy who made its beendead 100 years! i have a little bit of copper thats about 8mm thick and so this was used for the fingerguard and the bolster,i dont usually like finger guards but i thaught it would be a bit more victorianesque,the bolster is held in place with a brass pin.for the handle i used some nice english oak from the local estate.




obviously theres a bit more work to go but its pretty much how it will be.




















thanks for looking.


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thanks guys ,i reshaped the carving blade to what you see now .the sheath is the next project for me.i was suprised to find that many trappers and pioneers often carried modded butchers knives,so this isnt far off what wouldv been used.

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Fine job on the re-do! That English Oak is a pretty wood, eh?


I think I'd have rather left the guard off as the blade has an integral bolster. I'll bet you're right about it originally being a carving knife which makes sense due to the integral bolster.

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