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Over the weekend I was given an opportunity to come out and help a friend (Normark) with his Cub Scout winter camp. I arrived in camp around 630pm and it was already dark. I decided to dig into a nearby snowbank for the night... figuring the kids would get a kick out of a snow cave shelter. The temp dropped to -22 that night. My snow shelter worked out nicely and I spent a comfortable evening with nothing more than an extra wool blanket as a groundpad and a tarp to shut the entrance tunnel.


The next morning I went and gathered some sassafras root to make morning tea. (Tastes like rootbeer)Then we took the kids over to see where "the man in the snow bank" spent the night. I gave a little info on snow shelters to the kids and the Scout Leaders. After that we went for a hike and learned some tree identification, tracking, snow travel, a bit of fire lighting. When we got back I made a 10 min atlatl dart and gave it a few throws before it shattered on the base of a tree.


I had a great time as did the kids and leaders. I hope to get out with them again soon. here are some pics...









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Cool...nice to see you having a possitive impact on things for a change  :whistle: , seriously though cool pics and you weren't scowling the whole time, I can tell because the kids were near you and not running away. Keep this up and they'll all want you to become a scout leader

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