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Am I Forgeting Anything?

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It was a nasty day out, all soggy and wet, so I decided to go through my gear in my day kit.  This is meant for day hikes, and with extra added food/clothes, overnighters.


My question to you is, do you see anything missing?  Is there something that I deffinately should have that I dont?  Is there somthing I do have that I don't need?


Here is my bedroll, ground cover, wool blanket, and a fleece blanket.


Eddie Bauer pack that I got at Goodwill for 2.38, seems to work very well.


Here is my inner survival kit, this all fits inside my fannie pack that goes into my daypack.

Contents are


-2 Heet Sheets

-1 Tinder Container

-1 Pill container, motrin, Vitamin C, alergy pills, nausia pills

-1 Small Fishing Kit

-50' Paracord

-Mora Knife

-Small SAK

-Tin Foil




-Small SAK


-2 Tea Lights




-Mag Glass

-Pencil Sharpener


-Water Pure Pills

-Zip Ties

-Mag Stick

-Ranger Bands

-Small Light

-Dental Floss

-Small card set

-2 Trashbags


Here is the other contents from the pack

-Spare socks

-Cup with a little rope, and 2 plastic baggies

-Bug Spray


-Folding Saw


-Glow Stick

-Flash light

-Orange Tape



-Trash Bags




-Fire Kit


-Tooth Brush and Mouth Wash

-Ramen, hot chocolate, muffin mix, and oatmeal mix.

-GI Poncho



Thanks again!



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SK, I would wear the fannypack under the pack when your out. As if you have to ditch the pack or take it off and had to leave in a hurry you would be without your survival kit.

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I dont see anything missing.


I only have a few questions for the entire forum:


1) How long would the water purification tablets last in a stored pack after opening them to use them. Scenario: You are on the last leg of your hike before getting home. You stop to collect and purify some water to drink. When you get home, you store your pack away with the closed but seal-broken vial of water purification tablets inside. Would they be potent enough for their next use after a week or so in storage?


2) Would a wool/fleece blanket combination keep you warm enough on a winters night? Would you have to depend on a fire in front for warmth? Would you be legally allowed to build that fire to kepp you warm?


3) How much does the pack weigh SK? (That rhymes :P)

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The water purification pills are supposed to be good for 1 year after opening, which is why I am looking for other methods.  One method is to use Resublemated USP Iodine, its very hard to find, but all you need it like 8 grams, and you can use that over and over, and it will purify hundreds of gallons of water.  I found this as a source, he is a guy I trust from the Hoodlums, very helpful, I might order some! http://www.raems.com/store/purifier.html its  $24 with shipping, but then you don't have to buy those $8 bottles anymore.  I think I'll just keep looking for awhile though...


As for the wool and fleece blanket, I haven't tested it outdoors yet, just indoors.  It was relatively comfy, I am looking to add a foam pad to it also for a little more comfort.


Everything (Pack and Bedroll) weigh about 20 pounds, the pack is about 14, and the bedroll is about 6.





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