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happy070.gif Greetings everyone, I figured since I had a few spare minutes I would snap some pics of my EDC and share it with you.  I know some of the pictures are not the best so I will explain them in as much detail as possable.




in this photo i have-

-40oz Klean Kanteen

-Kershaw knife

-Letherman Surge



-Mag Light

-Space Blanket

-Carmex Lip Balm

-Catch All Pill Bottle (More details in a bit)

-Small brown bottle is New Skin, its a liquid bandage and antiseptic in one.

-Magnesium Fire Starter

-Magnifying Glass




All of the gear here fits into my camera case.




Contents of the Catch All Pill Bottle-

-Razor Blade

-Bailing wire, for traps


-Dryer Lint



-Fishing hooks, line, and a weight.

Wrapped around the bottle is more bailing wire, shoe string, and more fishing line.




I know its not the best EDC, but I'm looking at suggestions for other things to add to it.  One thing I'm looking at is some 550 cord in replacement of the shoe string, and a knife sharpener. Please make any and all suggestions!



Edit-Spelling and Grammar



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Looks good bro I could suggest so many things as I'm constantly adding and changing things in mine all the time , I feel it is more of a personnel thing as we all have different needs etc example I have a tin cup and a small alcohol cooker and a tea ball diffuser for a quick cup anytime as I'm a coffee junkie, a compass is second nature to me as I end up in the middle of nowhere more often then not. I would take some of the vaseline out of the jar and fill it with cotton ball's an stir it up now you can still use the vaseline for intended purposes and yet you have a item that is multi use now too awesome firestarter vaseline and cotton holds a flame well keep in mind the more dual purpose an item is the less you have to carry

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Hillbilly, next time you take your pictures, make sure its on automatic mode, and then before you take your picture, hold down the button half way as it adjusts to the lighting and such, and as soon as it has adjusted, take your picture,  Maybe try resting it on somthing too, that will get you a clearer picture as well.


Here are my suggestions, and thats all they are, suggestions, just what I personally would do.

Klean Kanteen is good!  Always need water with ya.  Here is somthing you might want to look into, holds your water bottle, and has extra pouches for other gear.  Makes a great EDC pouch.  As for making tea, the Klean Kanteen is Stainless Steel, right?  If so then you can use that to make your tea, coffee, what ever, I can use my 32 Oz. Guyot SS to boil water.  One thing you might want to do is spray paint the sides with Bar-B-Q paint, its flame proof, and keeps your bottle from getting sticky residue on it from the fire.


I say get rid of the whole thing of vasaline, and replace it with a baggie filled with tinders, and your fire lighting materials (Lighter, matches, mag stick, magniying glass, ect) always have at least 3 ways to light a fire on you!


Maglights are great and all, but I find that mines just not bright enough, you can get a good, 10 LED light at Taget for 15 bucks.


I would dump the space blanket, and replace it with a Heat Sheet.  here Mistwalker shows how useful, and versitile they are.


Lip balm is great, use it to lube your bow drill, put it in a tissue, and light the tissue on fire, it will burn longer due to the petrolleum in it.  Also you can put it on your exposed skin in the cold to prevent frostbite a bit.


New Skin is good stuff, but there are some cuts that you can't put it on because you have to move that part of your body.  I put 5 bandaids, some anticeptic ointment, and a couple other First Aid items into my wallet for an EDC.


As for the catch all bottle, ditch bailing wire, its too strong, not very good for snares, needs to be more flexible.  I've heard that 22 gauge wire, or wire around there is pretty good, thats what I use.  You can get a huge roll from a craft store, it even comes in green, for just a few dollars.


With the dryer lint, I would just put it in a plastic baggie with other tinder, and your matches and lighter.  Or you can also stuff a pill bottle full of tinder (Maya dust, dryer lint, PJ cotton balls, jute, ect, all are good tinders to carry)  I carry a couple cotton balls, some jute, a mag stick, and a fresnel lense in my wallet all the time so I can start fire.  As for the matches, make sure they are strike anywhere, I also would coat them in wax to water proof them.


As for the fishing stuff, take a couple hooks, a couple weights, and use Spiderwire as your fishing line, I've heard that this stuff is as tough as it comes.


With the 550 paracord, make a paracord bracelet they are easy to make, carry 8-10 feet of rope, and look good.


Other things I would make sure to carry is

-1 or 2 Contractor grade trash bags, they should be 3-4 mils. thick.

-Bandana, many uses for it!

-Roll some duck tape around either that bottle, or a pencil stubb, or battery, I always am using my duck tape!

-If you have a cell phone, make sure to carry it, and with the battery, you can make fire if you have steel wool, toss some 0000 steel wool in with your other tinders. Here is how to start a fire with your cell phone.

-I carry a small flashlight from Colemen, its a small caribeaner that fits on my belt loop.  I got mine at Theisens for 2 dollars.

Here is what I carry in my wallet, and a small altoids tin in my pocket. 


Inside of wallet kit


-2 Alchohal Prep Pads

-4 Bandaids

-1 Antibiotic Ointment

-Small amount of jute

-Small amount of steel wool

-Coupla feet of snare wire

-Couple feet of monofilament wire

-Small sewing kit

-Small flint rod

-Large Needle

-Large safety pin

-Fresnel Lense

-Swiss Tool


Altoids Tin Kit-

-5 Cotton Balls

-2 PJ Cotton Balls

-Tin w/ tape and strike pad


-Tin foil

-Duck Tape

-6 Strike anywhere matches

-Snare and monofilament wire

-Hacksaw blade

-Tire inertube peices

-Char clothe and magnifying glass in leather peice

-Nut and bolt for saw



Hope all of this helps, good luck!



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Oh, cool, My experiance with it was that it broke, must be a new type, mine was from a couple years ago.  I still would carry some bandaids and butterflys, especially for deep cuts. 


Can't wait to see how the kit comes along, I am finally to a spot where I am actually happy with my kits, and how they carry, just need to go out and test!



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I haave heard that about new skin from a couple of people. I personaly don't like the spray on I prefer the liquid. And I deffanetly should ad some butterflys and I use super glue for the ones that are to deep for new skin and to shalow for butterflys

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