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Winter Training Gear List

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I head out for some Winter training in a couple days.... gone for a week. here is my gear list. It always undergoes a change when I get back from these courses.... hopefully less and less with each session.


(this is a mixture of what I normally bring and what was asked of me to bring for the training.)





In Ruck…


- 20 x 20 tarp

- heavy wool blanket

- foam rubber ground pad

- tube saw

- shovel

- spare fixed blade knife

- 30ft rope

- stove

- cordage (jute, para, cotton, wire)

- garbage bags

- bandanas

- firstaid/toiletry kit

- flashlite

- extra batteries

- tinder bag (jute, cotton, steelwool, bark, candles, fatwood, magbar, lighters, ferro)

- applejuice tin

- polypro top and bottom

- extra fleece top and bottom

- inside layer of anorak

- plunge mittens

- wool socks

- large thermos

- old cotton T and cotton sock


Food (in Ruck)


- Jerky

- sausage

- noodles

- trailbread

- powerbars

- oatmeal

- dried nuts and fruit

- hot choc

- coffee, tea




In Bushbag…


- outside layer of anorak

- army poncho

- bandana

- folding saw

- multitool

- utility kit (sharpening kit, sewing/repair, wash/first aid kit, fishing kit, lighter/candle)

- trap kit (wire, para, 50lb spiderwire

- cordage (jute, cotton, para, duct tape, leather)

- flagging tape

- compass

- whistle


- headlamp

- SS Nalgene

- SS canteen cup

- spork

- garbage bag

- drinking/blowing tube

- tinfoil

- powerbars

- tea



On Person…


- firepouch

- neckpouch

- knife

- hawk

- ferro

- light gloves

- bandana

- 12ft paracord

- penlight

- lighter



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Guest smallgamehunter

gee wheres the m-4 and the hand grenades

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Looks good Rick... nothing comes to mind that you are missing from your kit.... except maybe the Bailey's for your evening coffee.. :D

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