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Panguitch Lake Campout

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This past week I went to our annual family campout at Panguitch Lake, Ut.  We left Wednesday morning and set up camp and waited for everyone else.  On Thursday Statton and I rode Bunker Creek Trail and we both crashed.  For me the Fishing was Terrible and that may be an overstatement.




On Thursday I was fishing the meadow East of White Bridge Campground and I had fish come to the surface about 15 times to eat my strike indicator.  After the 15th time I was starting to lose my cool so I decided to play dirty to. I changed my fly to a little green ball that was made to look like an egg. I casted that out there and let it drag so it would come to the surface.  Sure enough a fish grabbed my strike indicator and right after that one grabbed my fly.  I literally pulled the fish on shore by setting the hook.  Once I had look at him I realized why. I just caught a Rainbow Trout about the size of my index finger. 




In the 5 days I spent at Panguitch I caught  two Rainbows, a Brown Trout, almost ran into a deer on my Mountain bike, crashed on my  mountain bike at 30 mph,  and froze my ass off which made for a hell of a trip. 


\/\/ This is the canyon I hiked up last year and sliped and went swimming.













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Beautiful country for sure. I love that stream in that pasture but Im not a fan of letting cows free graze with access to the water. Around here they can destroy a nice stream. They like to use the water for a bathroom for some reason. I wonder if thats some kind of nature thing from the wild cow days to hide their presence?


Do you have to get permission to fish the creek where the cows are?

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Nice pictures King. I was in your state many years ago and ,I will go there again someday before my time is up......I hope....  8|

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