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Photos from a short hike, lots of edibles found and deer trails (LOTS OF PHOTOS!

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How to make your poison edible. No thanks I dont like greens any way.    :puke: 

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Finally having a better way to do so (digital camera and the internet rather than black and white ink drawings in the older plant ID books) I have devoted a LOT of time in the last two year studying wiuld plants in this local area, many of which are scattered all over the southeast as well as other areas.








There are literally thousands of these plants in this field. Anyone know what they are? They look like tiny wild tomatoes...









We have several varieties of the nightshade family growing wild here in the southeast. Pretty sure swede is right in that it is called horse nettle. Though the pictures I've found of horse nettle look a little different than what I find here, they are the closest I've seen so far and the differences could simply be soil and growing conditions. This is the green fruit in the summer.











This is what it looks like in the Autumn.











And this is it after sitting all winter, which is a really good clue not to eat it.
















Found this interesting plant








Here is the flower on the plant, one of the pods cut open, and a small pod starting out. Any idea as to what it is and if it is edible?










Most of the world calls this Passiflora or passion fruit. Localy it is known as Ocoee and is what the Ocoee River Valley is named after, and they are also known as Maypops. You may notice the Passion flower incorporated into a lot of the native american art and ceremony. Yes they are edible, I like them a lot and even my picky daughter likes them.


































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When you find these:




...Ya picks the flowers for the ladies, then ya digs up "The Old Man Of The Earth" <-- Root of the vine.  Looks like and tastes like a potato on steroids




Doggone root of a mature Morning Glory can be five fargin feet long.  I have not seen one that big, but I have seen three footers.  Boil them.



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It's funny how some plants in the nightshade family are fine to eat and taste great...tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, while others like Belladonna, horsenettle, and Jimson weed are highly toxic.

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