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A New Firekit Knife

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Anyone who has seen the last few knife threads I've done knows that I like for my knives to be able to multi-task, and the ability to function well in firecraft is a key aspect for me.


The last couple of knives have actually been experimental in certain aspects directly related to usefulness in firecrafting with some changed angles here and bevels there creating purpose designed surfaces. 


Having been a custom woodworker for 25 years I have worked with many purpose designed tools naturally "optimized" for working with wood. In thinking about that for a few minutes one day when I was out practicing firecraft I realized that not one of those tools consisted of a "squared- edge" as the surface interacting with the wood.  They all consist of acute angles of varying degrees depending on the desired result.  With this thought in mind those experiments led over time to the development of a new tool which is primarily meant as a dedicated firecrafting knife but  also functions well as a stand-alone "three-finger-knife" for the minimalists who want a rugged little knife to perform lighter cutting tasks.



I based this tool partly in design on Bryan's Final Option Knife pictured here…





I sent the first drawings, pictured below, off to Bryan and this time it was he who simplified the design a little.





He sent me two prototypes to take out and work with, one smaller one about the same size as a final option knife which I now keep in the pouch on my 1-0…









And one an inch longer more designed to serve as more of a stand-alone tool.







This tool is designed with angled surfaces, the scallop in the spine which serves as a thumb grip has only a slight bevel. This doesn't interfere with it's use as a thumb grip at all and works really well for scraping fuzz from fatwood as I have determined that multi-textured fatwood material works better than any one single texture of material.






The razor sharp edge of the tool works really well for cutting the finer slivers of fatwood….









As anyone who has ever tried it knows, the edge of a knife will produce a lot more sparks from a firesteel than even the squarest spine. With this in mind I thought an acute angle beveled spine would work better for a striker than a squared one…I was right.








I also tried the tool on some plain dead pine one afternoon after a night of rain. With the abilities of the edge to cut very fine slivers, and the beveled spine to throw sparks, creating fire was no problem at all.










Then I tried it with some Bamboo, also with favorable results so odds are that if there is fuel for a fire in the area I am in, then with this tool and a firesteel I shall have fire.









In experimenting with, and demonstrating this tool to friends….as well as using it to start a few fires in a couple of firecraft classes…I have started a couple of dozen fires. Bryan has done an awesome job on the hardening as there is virtually no sign of wear so far.





So now I keep the smaller one in the pouch of my knife, and I have put the larger one in a contingency kit I made from an old drill bit case.






There was a couple of issues I did note in the process of working out the design. The grind needed to be changed so that the front of the "choil" was flat and would serve as a guard when striking. And the tip where the beveled spine meets the upper scallop needs to be rounded over somewhat to make it more comfortable in push cuts and tip work







So now the new ones will look more like this.





Bryan is also working on a version with handle scales for more comfort, as well as a couple of full sized knives based on this same concept. Here you can see one of the concept drawings compared to one of Bryan's FOK's and a prototype Bushlore knife I bought from Rick  .



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Thanks guys, a friend of mine, Drew, in the U.K. got one of the smaller test pieces with his order and used it in the process of dressing rabbits and just loves it. He made a sheath for it and keeps it in his "possibles" kit. I am looking forward to getting the oportunty to use them dressing some game later this year.

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Thanks Doro,


actually this one is more of a tool, than your average knife...I am still waiting on the full sized knife version to come to life.

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Bryan said he has a larger one in 1/8 made up. I can't wait to check it out....maybe I'll go buy a rabbit and make some rabbit hash  :hugegrin:

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Nice Brian and Bryan :)


Thanks M.C. !



wow look at those sparks good knife


Thanks Kim.


Yeah, the scraper spine throws some awesome sparks!

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Nice design!  Great size for it's intended use and the maker is always a good choice.  One of these months I'll be asking about another knife and have been thinking about a smaller blade for PSK duties and your design just might fill the bill on it.

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Hi all,  well like mistwalker said I do have the new one he sent a drawing of  made up and it went out in the mail to him today.  I bet by friday he is

posting  pics  LOL.    Well if he likes it that is  LOL.

Thanks for the kind comments on this firestriker knife. That bevled spine really does Throw the sparks.  All of mistwalkers

practice and time spent learning outdoors skills really give him some great ideas. 


Take care all,




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Cool! I hope it does get here by Friday but I not get a chance to do much with it but start a fire or two and whittle a little untill maybe next weekend. If all goes right I'll have a pretty good project to work on this weekend.

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