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Wrong thinking on caliber selection/ammo availability?

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In the latest issue of Dillion Precision's catalog, "The Blue Press", Jerry Ahern has a nice article on arming oneself for TEOTWAWKI.


Typical of Ahern, it's a well written, informative piece. But I do take issue with one of the points Ahern makes in his article.


When it comes to choosing a handgun, Ahern says, "In a handgun, you want a caliber you're going to readily find. Stick with something the local cops carry -- even if it's 9mm Parabellum -- and you'll have a better chance of acquiring or replenishing your handgun ammo from local shops, etc."


I disagree.


If the Great Ammo Scarcity of 2009 has told us anything, it's that, in an emergency situation, you're not going to be able to find ANY ammo at all. Even when all we had was fear of Congress passsing and the President signing ornerous gun ownership restrictions, any handgun ammo at all was nearly impossible to come by.


Now consider how much more difficult it would be to get in a true TEO TWAWKI situation. It would not be difficult. It would be IMPOSSIBLE.


In fact, the ammo that did seem to be available during the ammo shortage (which has eased up but not yet ended) was that for the more obscure calibers -- .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, and even .45 Colt.


Am I saying that we need to choose those more obscure calibers so we'll be able to find ammo in an emergency situation? No.


What I am saying is that it doesn't really matter which caliber you choose. In an emergency, ammo is NOT going to be available. So, whatever caliber you choose now, STOCK UP NOW.


If you want a .357 SIG, fine -- just stock up on enough ammo (whatever "enough" means to you) NOW. If you want a .38 Super, also fine -- just stock up now. And if you want a 9mm, that's great, too. But don't think that just because it's a more common caliber you're going to be able to find ammo in a true emergency situation.


You won't.


Stock up NOW.


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I have to agree with you Bestseller.  If the SHTF, ammo will disappear.  Even if you have a firearm that is chambered in a "common" caliber, finding ammo that someone is willing to part with may be nearly impossible.  If you do find someone who is willing to sell or trade it, prepare to spend the proverbial arm and leg.  I'm not saying "start hoarding", just that as hard as it is to find ammo right now you can imagine what will happen if it comes down to TEOTWAWKI.

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