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How much paracord do you carry?

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currently i am wearing and carrying about 60 ft of it, 9' in a woven bracelet, 10' in my watch band, 6' on my keys, and the rest is what my belt is made up of, it is made using about 40' of cord.  so i guess i would say that it is in smaller groups.  When i am out with my pack i have about 10' on my knife scabbard, and i carry a hank of 25' in my pack.

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I have on one of my paracord bracelets, each of which have 10-12 feet.  

I have two watches with paracord bands, each also with 10-12 feet.

My knife lanyard has 15 feet. My smaller knife has a lanyard that is about 6 feet.

I put paracord zipper pulls on my jacket - 5 zippers, 1 foot in each.

My pack has a lanyard for my GPSr that uses 15 feet.

I have an extension (the "OldFatGuy" strap) on the waist strap that I made out of 25 feet.

I like to keep about 10 feet in one hank in my pack.

I also keep about 3 feet in a smaller hank in my pocket, so if I get bored sitting in an airport or waiting for someone, I will play around practicing some knots or trying new ideas.


I also have a belt I made from paracord that used about 50 feet.

I'm looking for a pattern for paracord underwear.

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ofg there is a pic in the paracord bracelet thread, it is kind of a small pic, i can take a better one later today.

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