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A Hike To The Falls At Rainbow Lake

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I got out for a hike today, There was still a little snow left here and there, here are a few pics I took.












There is snow on the mushroom, but it really doesn't show up in this picture too well.







I was "buzzed" by a low flying plane.







I checked out some bluffs. this is an area I like to stop and sit in during the warm months, but this time of year you have to beware falling icicles and falling pieces of rock being separated by the ice....some times some of them are rather large.








I found a few nice hunks of fatwood. This is the largest one.








Then I made my way down to the falls.









I met a couple out hiking too and spent a little time talking to them...even gave them a few lessons in fire starting.






I found a nice rock at the base of the falls to sit on and have lunch...traveling lite today so no cooking. You can't see it in this picture but the screen on the phone says "searching svc"...one of my favorite things about this place :)







I raided my father-in-law's bundle of bailing twine and played with some of it.









Then there was a nice sunset on the way back up.





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Thanks guys, glad you liked the pictures. The front section is one of the places I have to be the most concerned about sheeple so no big knives... in the open anyway...but it is one of my favorite places to wander around in. A few miles in and it gets pretty quiet.

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You got my vote on that hike... some of my faverate natural things to see when hiking... 1- large rocky outcrops in the bush... beautiful, 2- wild mushrooms in the forest... 3- moving water or waterfalls. excellent location there

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