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Built up another survival chest rig.


This one is built from 5.11 gear chest rig panel and 10" x 6" x 3" pouch, and a Tactical Tailor Pistol tether to ensure flashlight (SUREFIRE G2Z-LED) retention.


Its purpose (my purpose) is to carry the ESSENTIALS, to make said essentials READILY ACCESSIBLE, and to ensure 100% gear retention., and low profile for easy woods scrambling.


Modeled by me lovely girlfriend:


front view



flashlight / harness detail:




Benchmade/Snody ziptied to pouch. VERY accessible.





map pocket , behind main frame



big zipperpulls (i added these) for sure grip with thick mitts






back view, harness



side shot, rig worn low.


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here is my insert, made from corrugated plastic sheet, industrial velcro. Everything is velcro'ed in to prevent rattling and loss.






Grimloc securing the Benchmade/Snody from releasing when i'm running. also holds the whistle



the insert makes the chest rig pouch rigid and non floppy


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in the white container is 2 x Surefire CR123 batts, bobbin of 30lb braid, 20 aquapu tabs, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, BIC lighter, dental cottons (tinder), jute (tinder),and a little tin of Burts Bees balm.


basically all the small crap that would otherwise get lost


complete list of stuff inside the chest pack:


- everything listed above in the pill container

- 3 chemlights, 12 hour green

- DMT hone

- firesteel/fatwood/scraper/jute

- 30' paracord

- 2 snickers bars

- 1 Clif Bar

- SUUNTO compass

- RITR notebook/pencil

- tyvek topo map

- industrial drum liner, black (to absorb heat & aid SAR using infrared/thermal imagers (black plastic shows up like a beacon)

- Benchmade/Snody fixed blade

- whistle

- Surefire G2Z-Led tan nitrolon flashlight

- lanyard for SF

- 2' x 2' neon green, orange, white signal panel (not included yet, still waiting for it.

- Truflare bear banger launcher and cartridges

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A nice job but i feel we need a before photo of the model including her head! The artical would bring me so much more viewing pleasure.


I am not sure about the inserts though, i can see they help with compartmentalising the load, maybe just try the one, worn next to the body.



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