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The EXOTAC MATCHCAP is another piece of kit I've gotten recently.







It's a match case made of machined aluminum. It has textured knurling for a good grip when opening, closing, and using. It has two different striking surfaces with a rough textured surface on the bottom for strike anywhere matches and then there is a red phosphorous striker mounted in a recess on the side of the tube that is sealed from water when the cap is on.













Here are a couple of perspective shots.








and here are a couple of videos of it. The first one is me checking it out the day I got it.






and the second one is a one match fire. You can see that I have been playing with it so much and showing it off to friends that I have worn the red phosphorous striker or filled it with lacquer striking NATO life boat matches. Luckily they also offer replacement striking surfaces, o-rings too.







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Guest smallgamehunter

pretty sweet looking match safe

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Thanks guys, it is a great match safe, and today I got something better to put in it. I got my REI storm proof matches in today...they came quicker than I expected.








They are a good bit longer than the NATO life boat matches and, as I was told by more than one person, they strike much easier than the NATO matches and burn better too. What is also really cool is that I was expecting just a pack of matches, but there were 2 packs of 25 matches, and two packs of spare red phos. strikers also. Top notch service with a great product and a better price than I paid for the last two bottles of NATO matches I bought. So...while I have yet to use any starting a fire I have no doubt in their ability to do so and REI has earned another customer.








I guess it will vary depending on the size of the stem, but I was able to get 10 in the Matchcap with 9 down and 1 up.







And then I was able to get 9 in it with 8 down and 1 up with a whole one of the spare strikers that came with the matches. I think I can trim it down and get 10 back in it.



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