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Lathed an end plug today for an old 2C cell maglite body i had laying around (so many bodies under the shed :eek:  :D ). The aluminum end cap is press fit and expoxied into the cut down maglite body. This will be a fire kit, complete with tinder, firesteel, fatwood and PJCB. But for now it holds matches and cotton balls.

A waterproof, nukeproof, crushproof firekit (or survival kit or whatever)


shown beside a spyderco Delica combo edge:













approx specs:    5" long x 1" wide. Usable space inside is about 4.25" long  x just under 1" wide. With Redbird matches in there, there is 1.5" of space left over for cotton balls, jute etc

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That looks great! I may have to see about doing that with a larger one.


here ya go, a 3D cell model. I call it FAT BOYS MOMMA





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^ sorry Gandar, my GF had the camera while i was at the old mans shop. It was pretty basic lathing though, i used a carbide cutter and just shapped the plugs, then cut off the plug from the rod stock and finished it up.


more pics:


here it is set up as a fire kit:




lid stuffed with dental cottons (tinder)



another dental cotton, matches, fatwood, firesteel scraper inside the maglite tube




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