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A pretty useful item for arrowmaking

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I've had a hard time finding a replacement hook knife for the one I lost and so I stopped by a place in Ottawa called Lee Valley Tools. Their catalogue is amazing. If you're into traditional woodworking and craft, it's a shopping hotspot. Anyway, there's one tool I found particularly useful for fletching which I thought I would share. It's a dowel maker. Works kind of like a pencil sharpener, but can form perfect dowels out of any squared piece of wood. I had the guy behind the counter demonstrate it for me and was pretty impressed on how it worked. The best part was when I wanted to find out if it could to the same to a tree branch. He wasn't sure, so I took a trip into the parking lot, snapped a branch off the tree and brought it inside. Amazingly, the dowel cutter performed on the branch with the same consistancy that it did with the wood strip.  Needless to say, I didn't have enough to pick it up at the time, with all my other purchases, but I fully intend on heading back and grabbing one.




Here's the page in the catalogue;


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