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stranded for seven days

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Survivor guy may is sugest that sence you had a computor with you you look at porn online . A trip like yours sounds like a vacation to me right about now. Of and you should have called taken insted of the 900 number it would have ben cheaper


~ Hillbilly...  :hug:  (He pm'd me and asked me if he offended me) bless his heart! LOL....   I thought it was funny.  :P


I was eluding to that in Survivor guy's post... so I knew you were joking! Don't ever worry about offending me.

I know you were joking!

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Ok I just enjoy being on this sight and talking with every one and don't wish to offend or upset anny one. ( if I could get a job makeing people mad id me a millio nare in a week or two)

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