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A Hike Down Mountain Creek

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I needed some specific pictures for a project so I rode over to a friends office today and went for a hike along the creek behind it that "Mountain Creek Road" is named for.


The truck looks a lot better without all the pollen on it...










this is some of the gear I took along...








There is some bamboo growing along the creek in places.








and some Poison Ivy on a few of the trees










I think maybe this is Virginia Creeper but I'm not sure.







Some future Walnuts.








The creek was flowing pretty good.I saw a few decent sized frogs but I wasn't quick enough to catch them with the camera.  I like the reflection of this first shot.














I like how the guyot comes already set up for improvised water filtration.





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Great peaceful looking place Mist. Places like that to reflect on the soul.


Swede....I'll post up some pics of some grinding stones I found recently and some arrowheads and a stone skinning knife.



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Those gravel bars are good places to look for arrow heads.


Found several broken pieces of flint, or black chert, but nothing that had been worked.

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