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That's what Discovery do for entertainment, they have labelled him to have that style, I like the guy, i hate and dont watch the show for the reasons you just stated.


Here is an example of how Discovery Chanel keep things entertaining, in an episode of Duel survival they were in New zealand ( why i watched it ) Cody caught an eel and took it back to Dave, they had an argument about lighting a fire and cooking it, Dave wanted to light a fire and Cody wanted to eat it raw. at that time of year when they filmed there was a serious fire ban, they and the show knew this, but for entertainment value its better that they argue about things like this.

If anyone was wondering I was told about that by Cody himself in regards to the fire ban etc.


The same thing happens on that show Hogs gone Wild, some of the guys dogs looked like they didn't have a clue, Discovery Chanel edited in dogs barking, pigs squealing and people yelling, because a straight forward dog catching pigs with no noise is not entertaineing enough.  that info also came direct from the people involved in that episode as I emailed to ask "what the hell was going on with your amateur dogs"

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