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Name the survival tip you heard one to many times

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B.O.B.  (You'd probably never have it when you really needed it)


everybody has some idea of how they think Nature might test them.


But the test rarely comes in a way you've prepared for.


I agree about the BOB.  I attempted to make an everytihng bag or a GHB (Get home bag) but you are right we all tend to plan on what we believe the scenario will be.


that is why it is up to the mind...LOL....the more you know and the more you are invovled I believe will help you out more than any gear ever can.


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Good points, both of you.  Could you imagine trying to carry everything you ever thought you might need?  Your bag would need to have wheels on it.  And of course you wouldn't have it when you needed it, because it's too big and heavy.  So you carry a reduced kit and prepare mentally and by learning needed skills, and hopefully when you face a survival situation you make the right decisions and so survive.


I have not left my house, even to go to church on Sunday, in the past few years, without the following items either in my wallet or distributed among my pockets:


A pocketknife (either SAK or SL3)

Bic lighter

Compass (built into my watch)

Large bandanna


Small fishing kit (2 hooks, 30' mono, 2-3 splishot)

Small supply of 3" bandaids

Couple of coffee filters folded around a couple of H20PUR tablets

1 quart ziplock bag


These last four items all fit in the ziploc bag and stow in my wallet with no trouble.


These are the things I empty out of my pockets when I get home, and put back in every morning as I'm getting dressed - it has become such a habit that I don't even think about it consciously, other than considering which knife and that has more to do with whether I plan on a woods walk or not.


Would I choose to enter a survival situation with just what's in my pockets?  Of course not, and I do carry a small pack or LBE with some other essentials when I head out on a hike, but if I lose my bag during a fall or other such unexpected event (like running from the owners of yon pot patch), at least I'm not totally unprepared.


At the very minimum least, I would want the pocketknife, the lighter, and the bandanna, so as long as I'm wearing pants, I'm in fair shape (don't go drawin' no pictures in yer heads on that remark).

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You can make a compass by rubbing a sewing needle in your hair and then floating it on a leaf in a bowl of water.

So I loose my compass but manage to keep my sewing kit and a wooden bowl? What if you have oiley hair will the needle point towards a gas station?

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