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What I've Been Up To

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Well, Rocky's carpe diem talk inspired me to start actually doing some stuff that was on my to-do lists.  So...  Here are some of the things I have made the last couple days.


Here I turned a skillet of mine into a folding one by cutting off the handle and then attaching it with a hinge.  I made 2 sporks with antler handles for myself and my girlfriend when we go to rendevous.  Also in the picture are tent stakes that I made out of an old grill grate that I got at a garage sale



Here is a sheath that holds my throwing knife, and hawk.



Then here is my huge project I've been doing...  


Star with a cut up piece of painters tarp-



Then cut off the side parts to make it square, while maintaining as much area as possible-




Then spend 7 hours sewing on re-enforcements, and ties so you can set it up as such-




Then spend 2 hours painting on linseed oil-




Here is that fly, set up with another that a friend of mine gifted me, that I waterproofed with Thompsons Water Sealer.  And yes, I know they are poorly set up, this was just to get them to dry.




The small one I made is about 6' by 6.5'  And to be honest, its a little small for me...  So now its gonna be the girlfriends I think...


And here is a handle that I epoxied on, and then ground to shape on an old blade of my grandfathers-





Hope you enjoyed all my hard work!

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YEAH! I'm glad to see the fruits of your labor WOTW! I'm proud of you kiddo! Isn't it great gettin off yer arse! It feels like not only did you finish your homework, but you also completed a crap load of extra credit work!



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What a wonderful way of recycling the things you already had and making new things out of them!  Excellent job, Watcher!  :hug:

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I love the sporks and tarp.


The sporks are a great idea. I have not seen them made like that before very clever.


Cant wait to hear how you get on with the tarp.


Great job young man

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