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My son and I have been working on a camp site over the last couple of years and used it quite a few times for tent camping. It is located very near our farm pond, but is kinda of hidden too. We have been mulling over the idea of building a trappers type cabin on the site for the last few months now. I looked over everything today and have about decided on where to build our cabin. It wont be anything fancy by any means. Just a project that we can do together before he is off to college.



Here is the fire pit we laid up with some rocks a couple of years ago.



Here a wide angle few of the site as you come into it.



This is where we will building the cabin. This area will allow us to build one about 12 by 12.



It will be a slow process, but I will add pictures as it come together.




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Thought I would post some of my game camera pictures from the last couple of weeks. I would hate to know just how much I have spent feeding the deer, turkeys, and bear. Not to mention the squirrels, raccoon's, and other wildlife that I do not have posted here. I do  not hunt over this feeding station. I have been feeding the wildlife at this same site and a couple of others over the last 8 years. I am not unlike  most hunters out there, but we still get criticized for being such bad and cruel people.  I enjoy my game camera as much as I enjoy the actual hunt. This to me is the essence of being an outdoors-man. When I do take a game animal it is treated with the respect that is due it and I use as much of the animal as I know how to at this time.









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