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A Thousand uses for a STICK

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This is horrible with my duty boots, they are like tires for my feet, and the tread matches that description.


~ Just think about those poor soldiers in the middle east needing to scrape camel poo off their duty boots.... looking around for a stick.  :nono:

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You can lean on a long one when your tired from trekking.

You can use it with the sun to determine time and direction.

With a shoe string or parachord you can make a bow and arrow.

A freaking spear!!  Nuff said" :bandit:

Tie a bandana or emergency blanket to one and you got a signalling device.

Couple logs and rocks and you got a tribal drum set.

Clothes hanger to dry wet stuff

To cook critters on.

Poke one in the fire till the tip is red hot then twirl it in the air for some sky writing fun! :woot:

Fish stringer.


Haha this was definitely a good read.

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