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Take That Old Recliner to the Woods

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That old recliner you took out to the garage or is still sitting on the porch, load it up and take it to the woods. The materials in a chair are nearly all biodegradable and it wont sit there for long before it starts to draw attention. Squirrels will chew out the old stuffing to line their nests. Mice will move in and make nests and that will draw foxes, snakes and coyotes.Chipmunks will find a place to gather nesting material and maybe store some food. Gnawing animals will chew up the wood and skunks can find insects in and around it.


Birds will also use strings and stuffing for nesting material and raccoons will find a great place to explore for food and entertainment. In no time that chair will be reduced to nothing.Ive put some out in the past and believe me it works.

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