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Metabolic Typing

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~ "Metabolic typing is just fancy talke for figuring out how your body processes what you eat ---- more specifically how your body deals with the three basic building blocks, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Most people can be classified into one of three groups:

1. Fast oxidizers

2 Slow oxidizers

3. Balanced oxidizers.


(then there are pages describing what each of these things is about) but I'm just gonna give y'all the test): Write down each letter that answers it best for you, and keep up with them.


In the Morning you:


A. Don't eat Breakfast.

B. Have something light like fruit, toast, or cereal.

C. Have something heavy like eggs, bacon or steak, and hash browns.


Because of the jumping post thing, I'm gonna post each question in a separate post. So please don't post anything in between them.  :thumbup:


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At a buffet, the foods you choose are:


A. Light meats like fish and chicken, vegatables and salad, a sampling of different desserts.


B. A mixture of A and C


C. Heavy, fatty foods like steak, ribs, port, chops, cheeses, and cream sauces.

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The types of foods you crave are (sugar is not listed because everyone craves sugar when they are tired or run-down.)


A. Fruits, bread, and crackers.


B. Both A and C


C. Salty foods, cheeses, and meats.

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Eating carbs like breads and crackers before bed


A. Interferes with your sleep, but they're better than heavier foods.


B. Doesn't affect you.


C. Is better than nothing, but you sleep better with heavier foods.

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