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Unca Walt

New baby in the Fambly -- super cute kid

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So we went to The Shire (Dr. Scooter's Mini-animobile hideout.)  Here comes the absolute cutest little brand new baby lamb.


Sucker weighs a tad under six pounds.  Herself picked it up... and fell in love with it.




The mama ewe had rejected the little.  So Scotty hasta feed the thing every three hours (yeah, that means all night just like with a hooman baby).  It was it's feeding time, so the Fabled PC wanted to do it:




That caused a minor prob.  The adorable bitsy began following her all over the house:




Scotty distracted him with another bottle.  Scotty's kitty, "Patches" (you can just see her hiney as she is waking away in this pic) walked over to give the baby a sniff-spection, then licked the baby's face -- groomed it!!




Then **I** just hadda have a try.  He was warm and cuddly like you would not believe!!  He has bright blue eyes, and gorgeous eyelashes. Makes the cutest soft little "BAAA-AA"



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~ Awwww!  How adorable! I want one! I want one!  :bounce:  :cry:


Whatcha gonna do when it grows up, Unca?  :unsure:


I bet if I had one, Pippit (my Aussie/shepherd mix) wouldn't let it out of her site. She used to protect my rabbit when it was out in it's open pen in the yard. She'd sleep by it, and wouldn't let anything near it. She's a good livestock protector.

I don't know if I could trust Waco around a lamb though. 

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~ LOL.... I Love that pic of you feeding that lamb, Unca Walt. You're looking at the lamb, and he's looking right at the camera like What the heck?


You need to tip that bottle up a bit though, you don't want him sucking air. I'd hate to have to burp a lamb.  :unsure:


I don't wanna pet I have to shear.  :P :rofl:

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He was bouncing the bottle back and forth.


I wuz tryna keep it up so he wouldn't get air (Gawd forfend I should haveta burp him!!!), but he was wiggling happily.

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