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taken by the wind...

Montana River newest Exxon Victim.

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We have enough renewable resources right now on this planet... we ALREADY have the "technology" to run things without ever burning fossil fuel again. The Oil Cartels do not want us to know that. They've made it impossible for other ideas to be realized, or brought into play (because it's not profitable for THEM). They've held us back long enough. This shit's got to change. Or we're on our way out.  :thumbdown:

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Yeah, this whole deal just keeps getting worse.  First it was "only 1,000 barrels" were spilled and that the broken pipe was shut down within 6 seconds, but I wonder what was really released.


Story I just read was that Exxon has 320 people assigned to the cleanup...so if each one of those gets 100 gallons, that should take care of it. The press releases imply that they can actually return the affected area to it's original state, which is a farce.


Here I have to go and agree with Taken once again...if you look at the numbers (my quarterly rank on the gas prices thread for example) and see just how much money the oil cartels are making, it is just obscene.  And then our government won't touch the $3billion in tax credits to the major oil companies, but hacks away at ethanol subsidies.

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